If you’ve been searching for a holiday that offers something a little different, let us introduce you to Slovenia the perfect destination for those hungry for adventure. Its natural architecture boasts hills perfect for hiking, emerald rivers great for rafting and so much more.

Watch the video below to check out our last adventure to Slovenia!

Not convinced? Below are just some great reasons why you should be preparing for Slovenia right now.

1. Stay “off the grid” at Europe’s first self-sustainable eco resort

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Get up close and personal with nature with this unique resort experience! Drink from natural spring water and bathe in wooden showers made with stones handpicked from river Soča. Don’t worry about hot water and not being able to charge your phone, this resort is powered by the sun. It’s no wonder why Slovenia is the first country in the world to be declared a green destination.

2. Canyoning in River Soča is insane

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Located in Bovec, River Soča is strikingly emerald and is considered one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe. More than that, this river and its tributaries offer adventurous water sports, including canyoning, wildwater kayaking and rafting. Just watch this Uniland video to see how insane canyoning in River Soca is!

3. Cycling along the Slovene countryside is amazing

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Bovec is a quiet town surrounded by the peaks of the Julian alps. Cycle along the beautiful Slovene countryside and be enthralled by unspoilt nature and stunning views.

4. Climb the towering cliffs of the Strunjan Nature Reserve

Source: Portoroz

Source: http://www.parkstrunjan.si/

Head over to the coast, you’ll find the Strunjan Nature Reserve. Crafted for ages by winds and rain, the distinct precipitous walls of the Stunjan cliffs stand at 80m. At the peak of the cliff, take in the magnificent view of the entire Gulf of Strunjan, before descending down to the coast for some personal time with the ocean.

To be continued…

Can’t wait for part 2? Ministry of Adventure is heading to Slovenia from 22 May to 2 June for ten days and nine nights for adventure-packed fun. Start your Slovenian adventure by clicking the button below.

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