We’re back with more reasons why Slovenia is the perfect destination for thrill-seeking adventurers! If you haven’t read part one, click here.

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5. Explore the valleys of a river named Dragonja

Source: Jaka Ivančič 

Imagine telling your friends you’ve explored the valleys of River Dragonja. Wild and untouched save for traces of ancient history, this surreal valley was once littered with Ancient Roman mills for grain production. Only a few have been reconstructed today, such as Kodarin and Mazurin’s mill.

6. Go underground cycling beneath Mount Peta

Source: Bikenomad

Source: Bikenomad

Mountain biking is great, but have you been underground mountain biking? Under Mount. Peta are abandoned and mysterious tunnels spanning up to 5-kilometres. The route follows an illuminated path from one valley into another.

7. Explore the underground lakes of the abandoned Metica Mines

Source: Bikenomad

Source: Bikenomad

Take a genuine mining train through Gačnik tunnel and descend 95 meters to the flooded excavation sites of Metica Mines. Once on a kayak, paddle along a small underground river until you reach a labyrinth of magical underground lakes. At this point, you will be almost 700 metres below the surface!

8. Discover the hidden magic of Rakov Škocjan

Source: Slovenia-trips

Source: inyourpocket

The oldest landscape park in Slovenia, Rakov Škocjan is a lush, hidden valley that’s a little hard to get to but worth the trouble. The area is made of karst landscape and phenomena, with natural bridges and old caves. Rakov Škocjan which offers an experience that is truly memorable.

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Are you excited for Slovenia but don’t know how to start planning? Preparing for a big adventure is always a hassle, especially if you’re just starting out!

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