You haven’t seen ASIA until you KAYAK with them!

Kayaking should be a familiar activity to all outdoor adventure lovers. You have probably seen amazing video or photos of kayaking in Europe, US or Australia; But do you know that Asia, or more specifically, South East Asia has a lot to offer too for Kayaking? Meet Huey of Kayakasia and find out how, in his own words, Asia is … Read More

Meet the men who will ROCK your WORLD

Chances are, you have already heard of Rockworld, an indoor climbing gym located just 20 minutes from Johor Checkpoint, and what it has to offer. If you haven’t, don’t worry! You can check out the Rockworld video HERE. To understand why anyone would start a climbing gym among the factories and away from the city, we had an inspiring interview … Read More

5 Hidden Places To Kayak In Singapore You Never Knew Existed

Are you always bored of Singapore as there’re not many places left for you to explore? That’s probably because you don’t know about what hidden secrets Singapore has been hiding from all of us! All you need are a kayak, paddle and your PFD to reveal these hidden spots that not many people know of! And Here’re 5 Hidden Places to … Read More

The Essential Beginner’s Guide To Sport Climbing In Singapore [Infographic]

Just started rock climbing (Or sport climbing to be exact) in Singapore and not sure what you need to know? Here is a simple infographic beginner’s guide to rock climbing and sport climbing in Singapore! This guide will surely be useful if you ever need a revision on the 5 steps belaying technique or proper climbing calls commonly used in Singapore! … Read More

Top 3 Reasons Why Indoor Rock Climbing Should Be As Popular As Yoga

It’s pretty accurate to say Yoga has taken Singapore by storm over the last decade. And the popularity of this sport is visible by the sheer number and types of yoga classes in Singapore. Even though the majority who practices yoga are females, there has been a rising trend of guys taking up this meditative sport as well. So, have … Read More

The Mug all Rock Climbers want!

If you are a rock climber or know someone who is a rock climber, you would know that encountering a crimp is not exactly the best thing on the wall. But when you put a climber to hold a mug with a crimp hold, it will drive them nuts! Introducing the mug every rock climbers dream of! Get to crimp while … Read More

Recreational Kayaking with Ministry Of Adventure

This post is written by Donna Samuel and taken from her blog, the original post can be found HERE. Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of being invited by Ministry of Adventure to experience kayaking around the Marina Bay water! For you adventure seekers whom are looking to do something different or another unusual activity, you should definitely not give … Read More

4 Reasons Why You Should Pick Up a New Activity (with MOA)

When I was invited to write a blog post – It felt incredibly timely as my friends’ always curious as to why I am so occupied with all the hobbies and activities over my weekends/free time. Here’s 4 reasons why I am always self improving and picking up new hobbies! 1. Be surprised with what you’re capable of doing! My … Read More