Sat 17th Aug 19, 9:00 am
2 days
Rock Climbing
Are u a lead climber ready to take the next step in your climbing journey? Inspired by climbers scaling giant cliffs to take up multipitch climbing?

Then this course is for you! Learn the basics of multipitch climbing in our SNCS level 3 course and take your first steps into the world of big wall climbing.
Learn how to set up an anchor system for multipitch climbing, belay a second, abseil and ascend on rope. With SNCS sport climbing level 3 you will have the knowledge and skill to do your very first multipitch climb on natural rock! Once you've completed your certification, join any of our overseas outdoor climbing trips to practice your multipitch climbs! You can join our Facebook climbing community MOA Rock Climbing Group to find belay partners and like minded outdoor enthusiasts! Come explore the limit of both your physical and mental strength! Learn how to multipitch safely and improve your rock climbing knowledge! And most importantly, have fun with everyone who enjoys rock climbing as much as you! Price: $300/ person slots available.
1. Covered shoes (compulsory)

2. Ankle length socks (If you are wearing the common climbing shoes)

3. preferably ¾ pants and any comfortable top for working out

4. Change of clothes (optional)

5. Water bottle (There will be water cooler nearby)

6. Your fun and adventurous spirit!