Kayaking 1 Star Course (Mar)



March 17, 2018 8:00 am - March 18, 2018 2:00 pm


Stadium Mrt Station Exit A, Singapore

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How would you like to explore the world of water on a kayak?

Imagine the possibility of you having a whale or dolphins swimming by your side while you kayak in the open sea!

Take up 1 star kayaking course and make the first step towards a whole new world of adventure!


-This 1 Star course is a collaboration with A Lumi Pte Ltd-

Learn to kayak in a single kayak with proper paddling technique and kayaking rescue skills from a professional kayaking coach! Not to worry if you are afraid of the sea as you will be taking the course in the calm water of Marina Reservoir!

Yes, you will get wet but that’s part of the fun! Come feel the joy of playing in the water like the kid you once were! =D


You will be surprised at how much you will love the movability and speed of a single closed kayak as compared to a sit on top kayak! Enjoy the freedom as you cut across the water with an amazing view of the Singapore Flyer from the water!


What’s after getting 1 star you say? You can join us in our expedition kayaking trip around Singapore! Seletar Islands, Coney Island, Pulau Ubin and even Sisters’ Island! Explore Singapore like you had never before! Trust us when we said you have yet to see the best part of Singapore!

Join our Kayaking Community!


We also have a bunch of friendly kayakers willing to share and experience the joy of kayaking together with you! All you need to to is join our Kayaking Facebook Group!


What are you waiting for? Sign up with us and be a kayaker now! =D

Skills you will learn

  •        Lifting and carrying
  •        Launching and coming ashore
  •        Disembarking and embarking
  •        Forward paddle a circuit of 100m with directional control
  •        Reverse paddle a circuit of 25m with directional control
  •        Stopping
  •        Forward and reverse sweep strokes
  •        Planned capsize followed by swim ashore with retention of kayak and paddle
  •        Emptying of water
  •        Simple beginnings of moving sideways (‘J’-draw)
  •        Simple beginnings of stern rudder (going in a straight line)
  •        Simple beginnings of low recovery
  •        Rafted ‘TX’ rescue

Course Duration

  • 2 days, 8am – 2pm each day

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Experience Level

Beginner, Moderate, Expert




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