You haven’t seen ASIA until you KAYAK with them!

Kayaking should be a familiar activity to all outdoor adventure lovers. You have probably seen amazing video or photos of kayaking in Europe, US or Australia; But do you know that Asia, or more specifically, South East Asia has a lot to offer too for Kayaking? Meet Huey of Kayakasia and find out how, in his own words, Asia is an amazing place to paddle!

Founder of Kayakasia: Huey

When and why did you start Kayakasia?

I started Kayakasia in 2007, choosing to follow the passion that’s always been with me, Kayaking! I studied Psychology in NUS and was in HR before Kayakasia, it was a complete change in my career path but totally worth it. (A daring but inspiring decision! What are you waiting for?) Kayaking had been just a hobby to me before Kayakasia and I always had more fun kayaking as compare to my work back them. (duh!) So it came naturally to me that I should start a kayaking company and bring like minded people to explore the amazing destinations Asia has to offer. Of course, you can’t expect much from the financial point of view in this adventure industry. But as long as I am having fun in what I do, it’s worth it to me.

(Psst, as a hobby, he kayaked 2000km from Singapore to Bangkok for a charity event! Kudos to his passion for kayaking indeed!)

What are some of the toughest challenges so far running Kayakasia?

No having a fixed income is definitely one of the toughest, because I have to consider not just income for myself, but also income for the rest of the Kayakasia family members. But I don’t usually pressure myself to achieve a certain target for Kayakasia, I just go with the Flow (Get it?)

Where do you get your Kayak from?

We are the distributor for more than 15 Kayak brands, our kayaks are from Europe, US and many other places.

Huey and his signature inflatable kayak, weight around 17kg when deflated

What would you say are the uniqueness of Kayakasia?

Kayakasia always uses the best and safest gear for Kayaking and our trips are always in the most remote places where no one else has kayak to. Anyone who join our trip must be willing to live an adventurous lifestyle (no comfortable hotel and 5-star service) but they will get to experience one of the most amazing adventures of their life. We also ensure fair trade by engaging locals wherever we go and making sure they earn. We hire & train locals in Krabi, Yogja and Bohol to run our kayak shop and trips to empower their livelihood; So all our participants will be indirectly helping the locals of whichever places they go to. To be honest, there are places that we will make sure to organise trip every year even if sign ups are low just so that the locals will have income from the kayaking trips. Helping the locals that have been helping to bring people to explore the beauty of Asia is one of our utmost priority.

Huey talking about Kayakasia, with passion that hasn’t fade the slightest for the past 10 years

Why Asia of all places to Kayak?

Asia or South East Asia is a beautiful place to kayak. We don’t have to travel far away to places like Europe to experience world class kayaking destination. Asia really has a lot more to offer than what we could imagine. Most of the places we are operating in Asia only has Kayakasia as the only Kayaking operator, so we really do only kayak in places where no one has been to.

What is the suitable age to join Kayakasia’s trip?

It really depends on the which trip you are referring to. We have participants age ranging from 3 years old to 78 years old! We highly encourage families to bond through kayaking, so we will always try our best to arrange for kids to join in the fun of kayaking whenever possible. We also do expedition trips for internationals school students from time to time.

A closer look at the Heaven for kayakers

How long is an kayaking expedition?

It depends on which trip once again, we have expedition from half a day to 17 days long. 17 days long is a real expedition where we explore new kayaking places, if you really want a true kayaking adventure, that’s the kind of trip you should join.

How do people know if they are fit enough to join expedition?

We will always ask participants to fill in their past kayaking experience in the signup form, especially for Advance expedition for obvious reason. It is largely self-reported based and we see overseas kayaking experience as a more important factor than kayaking certificates. From the report, we will evaluate and recommend suitable kayaking trips if we feel their experience is not enough.

The number of paddles in Kayakasia is so damn high!

And there it is! I bet you can’t wait to sign up for Kayakasia kayaking trip right now! (At least I wish to jump onto one of their kayak and paddle away right now!) Together with Huey, Kayakasia has 4 very experienced kayaking guides to ensure maximum safety and fun for your kayaking adventure! Check out some of their amazing kayaking destinations like Komodo Islands, Bohol, Batanes Islands HERE!

They also offer cool kayaking programs suitable for corporates, schools and family in Singapore!

If you wanna visit the kayakers’ heaven, Kayakasia shop at 59C Temple Street, Singapore 058604, make sure to make an appointment through the contact below first or it will be a wasted trip!


Tel: +65 97562040 / +65 81886225

Email: [email protected]

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